Summit Interviews Vol.4, 2016–17

Summit Interviews Vol.4, 2016–17

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Which is the best and fastest design tool? Why do we never see beautifully aged plastic architecture? How can a deliberate design failure turn out to be an unexpected success? Why should journalists never ask about inspiration? And what dangers does the image culture we live in pose for architecture? In conversations with some of the leading architects and designers of our time, Summit Interviews Vol. 4, 2016–17 not only answers these questions, it also offers unique insights into the workings of the architecture and design industries, and revelations from some of the leading personalities in those fields. Summit Interviews Vol. 4, 2016–17 is a collection of the most memorable features of podcast, which chronicles an exciting year in architecture and design.

Title: Summit Interviews Vol.4 2016-17
Pages: 159
Binding: Paperback
Publ.year: 2017
ISSN: 2002
ISBN: 978-91-87733-06-2
Language: English
Measure: 110x180 mm
Publisher: Summit
Editors / Authors: Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin
Copy editor: Elizabeth Pagliacolo
Graphic design: Summit