Summit Interviews Vol.1 2013–14

Summit Interviews Vol.1 2013–14

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What childhood encounter compelled Kazuyo Sejima to pursue a career in architecture, why does Tom Dixon feel that furniture design and publishing have so much in common and what exactly is it that Eero Koivisto finds so appealing in Toronto? Summit Interviews Volume 1 offers open- hearted revelations from our most internationally renowned architects and designers and is an account of an exciting year of architecture and design. The podcast medium offers incomparable possibilities to give its audience conversations and interviews. This book is a collection of the most memorable features of the Swedish podcast Summit that was launched in January 2013 by journalist Daniel Golling and curator Gustaf Kjellin.

Title: Summit Interviews Vol.1 2013–14
Pages: 158
Binding: Paperback
Publ.year: 2014
ISBN: 9789187733017
Language: English
Measure: 110 x 180 mm
Publisher: Summit
Editors: Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin, introduction by Kieran Long
Art direction and graphic design: Summit

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